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Our company our company operates in the field of haulage since 2007 as Petr Franc Autodoprava. In 2013 the company changed its legal entity and name to FRANC TRANSPORT s.r.o.

Thanks to many years of experience in haulage we are able today to offer all our services on highly professional level. The customer was and always will be our priority. We accustom our services to the client´s needs.

All we do, we do with love and that is the reason we have great references from our clients.

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Combined transport – transport of sea containers

Transport of building material

  • 6 truck tractor / trailer units – trailer plato

Transport of hook containers

  • Bulk hook containers – waste, rubble, soil, gravel, sand

Transport of excessive load

  • 4 special trailers extensible up to 22 metres of loading area

Towing service

Towing and extrication of all types of vehicles

  • Motorcycles
  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Trucks
  • Articulated lorries
  • Working machines

Road assistance

  • Tyre replacement
  • Start 12/24 V
  • Fuels transport
  • Opening / Unlocking car

Reloading cargo and further transport

  • In case of accident we will reload the cargo and transport it within whole EU

Spare truck tractor

  • In case of defect or accident of your truck we will supply substituted truck tractor and transport your truck tractor to service

Parking lot

  • Obříství
  • Nymburk
  • Česká Třebová

In case of accident or defect and your service provider will be closed, we will store your vehicle on our guarded parking lot. We can also transport you e.g. to hotel. On the first working day your vehicle will be transported to your chosen service provider.

Transport of people

  • We will transport you and your luggage or even your pets according to your demands.

Remediation work

  • Road cleaning
  • Removal of ecological damage caused by car
734 83 68 68


We can provide a plan for road maintenance during winter and prepare a budget.

We provide:


We offer delivery and assembly of systems that increase safety when handling the vehicle with respect to pedestrians.


  • Camera system for safe handling of the vehicle
  • Camera system with four cameras that capture situation around the whole vehicle
  • Camera system with reverse camera which is activated by reverse gear is engaged
  • Front parking sensors – captures so-called dead angles in front of the vehicle; the driver is warned by sound or visual signal in case of obstacle or pedestrian
  • Direct Vision System for London

At one point our company concentrated on increasing the safety of our own vehicles and became a professional assembly supplier of safety systems in trucks.

These systems not only increase the vehicle safety but also help drivers to perform their work e.g. while manipulating the trailer, loading a hook container etc.

We assembly the systems to trucks of all brands with different types of superstructures.


We offer a complete solution for your vehicles.

  • Diagnostics
  • Car-electro-service
  • Service of mechanical and hydraulic equipment
  • Repairs, overhaul of engines
  • Repairs and overhaul of gearboxes
  • Service and repairs of air system
  • Tyre service for trucks and articulated lorries
  • Service and repair of trailers

After many years of servicing our own vehicles consisting of almost 80 trucks and cars, we have a lot of experience with maintaining and repairs of all types. We now offer our experience to you, our customers.


Towing service

Nonstop service
+420 734 83 68 68

Car and truck service

Marek Tichota
+420 702 01 33 71

Haulage, winter road maintenance, technologies

Petr Franc
+420 603 80 10 61


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